Intuitively I

.....project the inner perception to the outside which I use very intensive colors for. It is not important how I name the paintings, it is more important what the individual wants to see in them, be it colors, shapes, irregularities, disturbances, flexibility, in some cases structure.

I'd like to give you a brief example... last year I met an elderly man at one of my exhibitions who almost came every day, didn't say anything and then left. He also visited the exhibition at the last day, came to me and thanked my for the beautiful paintings. He told me that he saw something different in them every day, he had the impression they were alive. He added that "he felt like the sun was shining in his heart again." I shivered... this is the nicest compliment of all times.

Translation Susanne Galun

Behind me acryl on canvas 60 x 80 2013
Behind me acryl on canvas 60 x 80 2013

Behind me ...

When you eventually travels a long distance, you may have a thirst track behind. Then you make a rest and looks back again and with prudence and a smile on his face .... it is found it is
behind me

Dragonfly acryl on canvas 60 x 80 2013
Dragonfly acryl on canvas 60 x 80 2013


The dragonfly is in my view as a power animal.


The dragonfly is called in English "Dragonfly" wants "to be annoying / persevere" you the strength and power of the dragon but also to remember the the fly. Only when we are consistently pursuing our path he leads us to the goal. Since the dragon ancient magical powers unite in itself, you want the bubble to invite themselves to her with "Shapeshifting" (figures change) to join in a meditation / shamanic journey to make it easier to accomplish with their help, the metamorphosis (wall) to your true self . It reminds you to give her space and their time to things - time for introspection and reflection (pupation) and time to fly and expand. You even know when the time is right and allow yourself to follow that inner feeling unconditionally. As a result, you will aware of your size, your warrior / warrior awakens and your development happens. The dragonfly as totem reminds you of your spiritual power and the responsibility that goes along with the old knowledge. Turning it wisely and for the benefit of all, stay well with you, from you and limit you solve with the help of their old karmic structures, bonds and patterns.

Escape oil on carton 2012
Escape oil on carton 2012

Who does not know that ....

That knows almost every (r). I always, when I was in the School had to give a presentation, then left me often ahead of the courage and if it is then far was, it would have been most like me, his legs to take into the hands and jet off and leave the rest of humanity to their fate and in your faces many question marks.
Over time I learned to stand remain to face my own feelings,
then I felt not so limited.
I can understand every person who is away runs and believes another way would be the Right .... I'm often in supposedly for me unpleasant situations before my feelings away running, only soon became clear to me that running away is not the right way and it I also did not continue. This is the common thread
the through life draws to a series old patterns of behavior that we also sometimes from unpleasant experiences childhood were exemplified or painful experiences by other more unconsciously take back through our lives.
I often thought, why always happens to me the same situation again.
Now you have the possibility to something change, because you understand that you are, the blocked to the lies to etc.
When I was ready, and before long, But then I always had this
tired of repeating patterns of behavior and I met me and the life differently, full of joy and understanding.
I could not be close to the time I felt it as a threat ... therefore often I went often, although I somewhat else wished internally. I took the Time I needed and went to a Travel, out of my way safe and familiar terrain and am happier now
than ever.

Today, I am proud of myself bolts.

Puss in oil/acryl on canvas 60 x 120 2012
Puss in oil/acryl on canvas 60 x 120 2012

Fairy tale ...

I like fairy tales very much and love this picture I, because it has different meanings in different rotations.
I'm a turn to the right ... I think the fairy tale "The Lion King" again a turn to the right "The Man in the Moon". it is just beautiful .... It was not always that I remembered children's stories, but 2 years ago I met a man who Iin a very special way with two Known puppets called Scrambles and Fussi made and also with my own Being a child (I had forgotten) brought back together. It was for me a strange kind of encounter that made me initially has made very sad. in hindsight had introduced so much of nutritional value ...I am very grateful. After that I have for Looking back for a moment held to better
to go forward. What I learned is to be mindful of yourself and others, and listen well.




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