Horse "Power animal" oil on canvas 2012
Horse "Power animal" oil on canvas 2012

The power animal ...

Dynamics, departure, freedom and a new beginning

I paint mostly at night because I sleep more because have, as I am in harmony with the silence, that is mine. I took this picture with oil painted, although I myself many years against locked. Reasons there are so many .... It takes until such time as it dries, it will take until the smell dissipated. better excuses
I could not find to finally begin.Today I revised my attitude ...
And even discovered something positive.The colors are brilliant, stabbing ... intense, sometimes even warmer. the could be a new direction. Everything takes time .... this is my
Philosophy of life. And sometimes it is also important for their own development to take a risk, only then you can judge whether you did it well, the Step to have taken.
And do not run the same way when it is difficult is exactly the Difficult prove to in hindsight, as the most faithful.

It is an honor ...

that soon my pictures in a book be published. In it you will find the Life story of Isabella consolation. they I was the beginning of the year on a Presented exhibition. It has in lost my pictures and also refound. I learned a really remarkable, courageous and strong woman know. A large gratitude with me.

I have agreed that one the book as a PDF. about my site
can download. Payment is through PayPal or Immediately transfer.

For details in a few weeks.

Completion of the book: 1 quarter of 2013


Who does not believe in miracles
is not a realist

Flow acryl on canvas 2013
Flow acryl on canvas 2013

contract work
I have one of the client special smile in the face conjured.


To the painting and the colors I feel a Kind of love. I can switch off completely when painting and can lose myself in the colors and shapes.
This gives me unlimited freedom and provides for Harmony in the interior and exterior. The colors are soothing and healing for me. I give myself flow out of the canvas and let it without ever think about it, what develops.
I do not take changes to occur when the image is ready. It's like in reality .... I let people to be as they are.

Sometimes it requires opening the heavy door to his own heart .... then YOU can see what a wonderful Flower grows towards the sun out of your interior.

Yes acryl on canvas 2012
Yes acryl on canvas 2012

YES .....

I'm back ...!
The effort has paid off.

This image has for me a whole lot of force. I have spent the last 2 years very much Rueckschau held'm still once entered deeply into my life because of course I also like many other had my sites. some people I have situations in my life triggered, which I thought already mastered have to. But this was not so and I did not always with the same Wake patterns, such as in the film "FOREVER AND Groundhog".
I have sought a change in direction and I feel myself happy, happy and free, like never before.
The image symbolizes for me, courage, strength in Tireless, determination, patience and dynamics.

In the rat acryl on carton 100 x 140 2012
In the rat acryl on carton 100 x 140 2012

in the rat

The latest of my pictures ...
full .... chaos ... I could get out much work to untangle the mess the viewer. I'd rather provocative in my pictures. Everything else would be too easy. I paint the world beautiful ... not where to do at the moment nothing nice. Check out the slow fall of the euro's ... the rule for us to try many different "screens" to save what can not be saved ..... This is valerian for humanity.
I can only Modify something if I get out of the rat race. Everything else is an endless race and never arriving.
I am from time to time-critical in my paintings and this is more important .... I do not like to make the eyes ... I like to see and show and feel and think and say what was in me and in me. I write my own script and the film is a bestseller.

Get out of the comfort zone acryl on canvas 60 x 120 2012
Get out of the comfort zone acryl on canvas 60 x 120 2012


I did some time ago received a Auftagsarbeit from a customer who lives a very structured. She has clear ideas look like the picture. Because I felt it as intuitive painter, slightly hard for me free from the belly to go out to work. That's why I started a long time with the image and set it again and again from one corner to the next.
A few days ago I boldly grabbed the canvas and made ​​me of the structure and discovered how much force and effort I used to make clear shapes in the right light. And it made ​​me realize that some people, it must be hard for even, to confront uncontrollable. Insight into my head so stubborn sometimes brought it all. I've gone ahead and discovered how much fun I used to find my place in the structure, and it can be creative too. Clean lines bring me comfort and clarity .... nice, what I could discover through this commission.

It remains for me more interesting.

I realize how to say goodbye to old and new patterns must be lived.

The buyer was thrilled, as I have implemented your customer.

Side jump acryl on canvas 10 x 100 2012
Side jump acryl on canvas 10 x 100 2012

Change in the view

It has done so much lately .... insights rethink. I think it's huge, what I got out of myself. Through a conversation with a woman of leisure ... regarding an exhibition in Hamburg, I was tempted to make painting a picture that has less or virtually no movement and it has opened up a new perspective for me. It brought me into rest, in peace, in harmony ..... in the fortune, sometimes allow a different view.
The title of the painting is "Affair" and it hangs in my bedroom. It feels good and it has found the right place o :)
This image is part of my home and is a change of direction before. The lightness of being in all areas to be lived.

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